As the rainy February weekends look set to continue through into March, now is a better time than ever to stay inside and refine your cooking skills. Whether you favour healthy eating or tasty winter warmers spending time improving your culinary abilities is certainly worthwhile. 


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However, how do you ensure consistent, delicious results? It comes down to a few factors, using well-sourced fresh ingredients, refined cooking skill and the equipment to do the job right. For a budding home chef equipment means high-quality pots, pans and cooking appliances. If you aren’t happy with the standard of your frying pan it’s annoying, but can easily be replaced. But when it comes to your appliances you can’t afford to make a mistake, as you will only get a new unit every few years and at a higher cost. 

So if you’re looking to upgrade your hob at home how do you ensure you are picking the correct brand? Well at Reddipares LTD we have broken down one of the latest induction hobs from NEFF. With a long-standing reputation of creating high-quality appliances, the German brand has also developed a name for innovative features that greatly help those that love cooking get great results. This review of the T56TT60N0 should tell you all you need to know about the brand, and it’s quality. 

As an induction hob, the heat in this model works more efficiently than a traditional gas burner. By directly channelling the heat into the pan on the hob no energy is wasted. With four burners of varying size that means you can simmer and boil to your heart’s content, and with NEFF’s FlexInduction you can combine the heat into multiple levels. This means you can move pans to the middle or back of the hob depending on your needs. When cooking on one zone PowerMove also means the T56TT60N0 recognises when you have moved a pan to another zone to create space, and matches the level of heat.

With heat available at 17 distinct levels, you can easily adjust and control the hob using TwistFire. This removable magnetic centre for control means adjustments on the go are made simple. The intensity of heat is fed back in the LED display, which also encompasses the handy timer functionality. This gives an acoustic signal once completed to ensure you get the perfect finish to your food.  


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