The modern CBNPbs4858 Fridge Freezer from Liebherr combines a stylish Black Steel Finish with some of the latest refrigeration technology, to stand out in any kitchen space. This premium model also comes with some of the latest refrigeration technology, to stand out in any kitchen space. This premium model also comes with a range of extremely handy features, including a 7" touchscreen display, LED rear panel lighting and innovative technology such as No Frost, DuoCooling, BioFresh and BluPerformance.



Bringing a new dimension in freshness, BluPerformance Fridge Freezers offer maximum refrigeration performance, combined with innovative new technology to help make your everyday life easier. All BluPerformance appliances include increased interior food storage, quiet operation, ease-of-use and exceptional design.

What's more, with BluPerformance, Liebherr has truly taken a huge leap in terms of energy efficiency. All BluPerformance appliances will fall into the energy efficiency category A+++, to help you enjoy fresh food and lower energy consumption at the same time.


Outstanding Freezing Technology

The CBNPbs4858 also comes equipped with Liebherr's innovative Bio Fresh, No Frost and Duo Cooling as standard, making it the perfect fridge freezer for those with a busy lifestyle.

Bio Fresh is designed to help keep your food fresher for longer. This function will provide the best temperature and humidity so that your food retains its healthy vitamins, aroma and appetising appearance significantly longer than normal. No more do you have to worry about food going off before you have a chance to use it.

The Liebherr No Frost system provides rapid, fan-assisted, frost-free freezing for the safe, long term storage of food. This will create a much larger storage capacity and keeps the freezer constantly frost-free.

Duo Cooling allows for accurate and independent temperature control of the fridge and freezer compartment, thanks to two separately adjustable cooling circuits. There won't be any air exchange between the two compartments so that odours cannot be transferred and any food stored is prevented from drying out.


Innovative Storage

Inside the CBNPbs4858, you'll find the distinctive Liebherr GlassLine interior - conveying both outstanding build and finish quality. These shelves are made of strong safety glass, with a weight limit of 22kg on the full glass shelves and 11kg on the sectional glass shelves; allowing you to stock your fridge with the confidence that it'll offer optimum support.

The glass interior is also extremely hygienic and easy to clean - spills can simply be wiped or rinsed off. Unlike wire shelves, any damage from spills and leaks will also be minimised thanks to the shelving trim.

The GlassLine shelves are also very versatile, as they can be inserted at different heights as required.


Sophisticated Design

What really makes the CBNPbs4858 standout, is the high-resolution, high-contrast 7" display, integrated into the door. This offers individual setting options thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly menu navigation system. This will allow the appliance to be adapted to specific requirements using preset programmes, so you can make sure that your fridge-freezer provides optimal food storage.


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